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Thoughts on Whales After Viewing the New CNN Documentary Blackfish: By Chris Witaske

Editor’s Note: SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED WITHIN THIS POST. Thoughts on Whales After Viewing the New CNN Documentary Blackfish  Written By: Chris Witaske * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Leave the fucking whales in [more]

October 29, 2013 By: Chris Witaske, Comedy, Words

What Scares The Second City?

To celebrate Halloween this week, we asked The Second City family to answer this question: What scares you?  “That people will find out the truth: that I worked for Second City in the mid-80s, but disappeared and came back with [more]

October 28, 2013 By: Liz Kozak, Comedy, Second City Favorites, Words

The Truth About Color, Comedy & The Second City

The Truth About Color, Comedy & The Second City The phone rang. It was a producer from The Second City Detroit. I’d just received a callback from a week-long audition to perform on the Mainstage. If anyone would have told me [more]

October 25, 2013 By: Dionna Griffin-Irons, Comedy, Words

Tea Party Tips for Better Sex

We’ve all been there. After 30 years of marriage to the same angry old white person, the flames of romance and sensual liberty are getting more difficult to keep burning. You’ve tried it all: missionary, missionary in the dark, missionary [more]

October 24, 2013 By: John Loos, Comedy, Words

Engaged! Advice for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Sound the trumpets! Alert the minstrels! Roll out the leopard-print carpet! For Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (#KimandKanye) are TO BE WED!!! While some of us (the internet, my mother, Kris Humphries) are a little too eager to judge and [more]

October 22, 2013 By: Kristina Felske, Comedy, Words

8 Ways to Land Better Stand-Up Gigs

Landing bigger and better stand-up gigs is about more than just having an arsenal of gangbuster grandma jokes. If you want to get in good with open mic and showcase hosts and producers, there’s some basic etiquette you need to [more]

October 22, 2013 By: Andrew Thorp, Comedy, Words

9 Things Your Breasts Should Be Aware Of

While we’re all especially sensitive to breast health issues during the month of October, there are certain things our breasts need to be aware of throughout the year. Here are 9 of them. 9. Bras that cost less than $10 are not [more]

October 21, 2013 By: Caitlin Kunkel, Comedy, Words

The Stage Parent’s Survival Guide

So… your kid wants to be an actor. But not like a “I want to be the star in the school play” actor, your 8-year-old is demanding to be driven around town to try out for professional productions. If your [more]

October 18, 2013 By: Kate McGroarty, Comedy, Words

The Dos & Don’ts of Being a Lady

Last week, we addressed what it’s like being a woman in the improv community. But what about being a lady in real life? Here are some basic dos and don’ts to help guide your journey. DON’T take on masculine qualities [more]

October 17, 2013 By: Chelsea Devantez, Comedy, Words

2013′s Worst Halloween Costumes

Ah, Halloween. That time of year when you can eat an entire bag of candy without your roommate asking if everything’s okay. Good thing, too– with the amount of pressure involved in picking a costume, it’s nearly impossible to not [more]

October 16, 2013 By: Dan DeSalva, Comedy, Words