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Behind the Scenes with Aubrey Plaza & Jake Johnson

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound’s brand-spanking-new video for “Rouse Yourself” stars two of television’s most beloved weirdoes: Parks and Rec’s Aubrey Plaza and New Girl’s Jake Johnson. Second City director (and JCBUS guitarist) Billy Bungeroth directed the action-packed adventure, [more]

June 26, 2013 Comedy, Interviews, Words

Your Playoff Beard: What Now?

The Hawks rule supreme!!! Sure, that was the most glorious 17 seconds in all of sports history… But what about you? What about that sweet hockey playoff beard you’ve been faithfully rocking for the last six weeks? What now? Based [more]

June 25, 2013 By: Andel Sudik, Comedy, Words

7 Ways to Kill The Longest Day of the Year

The promise of summertime is the only thing that gets us through the Game of Thrones-like winters that Chicagoans endure. Today, we celebrate the longest day of the year in the most glorious city on Earth. Here are 7 ways [more]

June 21, 2013 By: Katie Rich, Comedy

Apple Unveils New E-Cigarette: iSmoke

When you take a long drag off your Apple iSmoke, you’re not just getting the nicotine fix you’ve become so viciously addicted to– you’re telling the world that you accept nothing but the best. Here are just some of the [more]

June 20, 2013 By: Daniel Strauss, Comedy, Words

There’s Something Missing from These Superman Reboots: by Krypto the Superdog

Another year, another attempt at rebooting the Superman franchise. I can’t say I’m surprised. A new director, a new vision, a new actor donning the cape – in terms of actors playing the same role, we’re approaching Doctor Who territory, and that’s [more]

June 17, 2013 By: Tim Ryder, Comedy, Words

10 Surefire Signs Those Improv Classes Are Finally Paying Off

Whether you dream of hearing Don Pardo say your name every Saturday night or just want to improve your interpersonal relationships, improv classes are a great way to spend a ton of money on learning an art form that involves [more]

June 14, 2013 By: Daniel Strauss, Comedy, Words

What Does Your Blackhawks Jersey Say About You?

  It’s not just a number. What does your Chicago Blackhawks jersey say about you? ##### Toews #19: “This is my first game, and the tag is still on my jersey. Go Toes!” Kane #88: “Lincoln Park is my Shangri-La. After the game I’ll [more]

June 14, 2013 By: Scott Goldstein, Comedy

Character Actors

The realities of Hollywood set in on two aspiring actresses as they enjoy a day at the beach. [more]

June 14, 2013 Comedy, Sketch, Video

11 Shitty Ways to Wish Your Shitty Father a Happy Father’s Day

11.  Instead of a Father’s Day card, send him a happy birthday card. Or eight happy birthday cards– one for every birthday of yours he forgot. 10.  Tell him you’re picking him up at 7:00 to take him to his favorite [more]

June 13, 2013 By: Chelsea Devantez, Comedy, Words

Taco Bell Tacos Locos Review: Heat Lamp Hot Episode 5

Michael and John share the screen with the Crazy Taco. Also they talk about the Diorites Tacos Locos from Taco Bell. Plus John has some tips for the fast food restaurants out there, if they only made him the CEO. [more]

June 12, 2013 Comedy, Heat Lamp Hot, Series, Video