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Popeyes Cajun Surf and Turf Review: Heat Lamp Hot Episode 4

Michael and John put on their short sandals for Popeyes new Cajun Surf and Turf! Plus they give YOU some tips on how to make a commercial!   [more]

May 29, 2013 Comedy, Heat Lamp Hot, Popular, Series, Video

The UNAUTHORIZED Anthony Weiner Campaign Video

Anthony Weiner’s new video announcing his candidacy for mayor of New York City went through a lot of edits. A lot. As you watch the final video released to the public, read along with the uncut, unauthorized version his campaign [more]

May 28, 2013 By: Hans Holsen, Comedy, Words

Disney Unleashes the Ultimate Princess

After their controversial makeover of Brave‘s Princess Merida, the only semi-independent princess in their franchise, Disney has a lot of damage to undo. Problem solved: Meet the newest Disney Princess! Once upon a time not that long ago, in a land [more]

May 24, 2013 By: Chelsea Devantez, Comedy, Words

Twitter Contest! What’s the Funniest Thing On Your Phone?

  Let’s face it. NO ONE feels like working today. So here’s a nice little distraction for you… We’re launching a Great Twitter Adventure! Here’s what you need to do right now: Make sure you’re following us @SecondCityNetwk on Twitter. Tweet [more]

May 24, 2013 Comedy, Pictures, Words
SCTV Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Whispers of the Wolf

SCTV Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Whispers of the Wolf

Count Floyd presents Whispers of the Wolf. [more]

May 24, 2013 Comedy, Popular, SCTV, Series, Video

The Secret History of Baseball: Closers

The Secret History of Baseball: Closers Today’s definition of a quality start is a pitcher going six innings or more, giving up no more than three earned runs. This is a “quality” start in the same way there’s a “Quality” [more]

May 23, 2013 By: TJ Jagodowski, Comedy, Words

A Working Girl’s Letter to LinkedIn

Dear LinkedIn Corporation, I am writing to you today to inform you of how outraged I am regarding your recent decision to alter the language of your user agreement, thus expressly prohibiting users from promoting escort services and prostitution on [more]

May 23, 2013 By: Kristina Felske, Comedy, Words

Top 5 Most Common Street Fighting Mistakes [PARODY]

In this video Pro MMA Fighter and Taekwondo Champion Michael Lehrer discusses the Top 5 Most Common Street Fighting Mistakes made by inexperienced and even mildly experienced fighters. He then shows by demonstration how to react instead in order to [more]

May 23, 2013 Comedy, Popular, Sketch, Video

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Secret Thoughts Revealed!

Dear Diary to Myselfs, I am having so many of the mixed feelings. I do watching of the game where it is David Beckham’s last to play. I see him leave the field, and the peoples are to cheer.  He [more]

May 22, 2013 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words

Nick Thune on No Jacket Required

Nick Thune and Chris talk about broken bones, broken hearts and Boyz 2 Men concerts. [more]

May 22, 2013 Comedy, No Jacket Required, Popular, Series, Video