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The Truth About The Pope’s Resignation


Here’s what the world is speculating…

  • Considers traditional pope garbs a “Fashion Emergency.”
  • Popemobile smells like Doritos Locos Tacos.
  • Backlash after (act of being) “Punk’d” added to list of sins.
  • Vatican City too much of a Sausage Fest.
  • Can do more against women and the gays among the people.
  • Twitter clowns who think they know everything!
  • Eager to finish writing (his) biography of Steve Jobs.
  • Cardinals are a bunch of “Nosey Roseys”
  • Messages from God still only 3G.
  • Better offer from the Yankees.
Michael Lehrer works at The Second City e.t.c. and iO Chicago.   Past work includes: Paid Programming (New York Television Festival), Andy Kaufman Award (2010 Semi-Finalist) Big Ten Network (Co-Host), Chicago Tribune, Chicago Underground Comedy, and the TBS Just for Laughs.