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Young Gun: Altar Men Episode 3

Being an Altar Man takes constant practice and training. And it doesn’t help when young upstarts are threatening to take your position. The Altar Men confront a young rival and handle it like real Catholics shouldn’t, but probably would. [more]

February 19, 2013 Altar Men, Series, Video

SCTV DiMaggio’s On The Wharf

Bill Murray guest stars in this sketch about Joe DiMaggio’s Italian Restaurant. [more]

February 18, 2013 Popular, SCTV, Series, Video

SCTV Great White North: Dog Scoops

The McKenzie Brothers discuss what people in New York do when a dog has… done their business. [more]

February 15, 2013 Comedy, SCTV, Series, Video

Three’s Comfy: Brosters Episode 3

The Brosters go on a first date with a girl. But despite any dating tips they may have received, the Brosters find themselves on a bad date with only one way to escape. Through the bathroom. [more]

February 12, 2013 Brosters, Comedy, Series, Video

SCTV Sunrise Semester: Gypsy Mythology with Ernest Bruter

In this segment of Sunrise Semester (Humanities 196) Dr Bruter describes how Gypsies were created. [more]

February 11, 2013 Comedy, Popular, SCTV, Series, Video

SCTV: High Q

Watch “Alex Trebel” try and host this game show where high school students compete for college scholarships. [more]

February 7, 2013 Comedy, Popular, SCTV, Series, Video

Two Guys One Confession: Altar Men Episode 2

Since their days as altar boys, the Altar Men have followed the Catholic sacrament of confessions. But when the Altar Men have some misdeeds that need a good confession, and the priest is out, they have to confess to each [more]

February 5, 2013 Altar Men, Comedy, Popular, Series, Video

“I Pledge” Second City Shorts Winner 01/13

Each month Second City host a short film festival where contestants are challenged to create a video based on a suggestion from the previous month’s event. This month’s suggestion was: This phrase must be somewhere in the video “Thank God [more]

January 31, 2013 Shorts, Video

Felon Friday: Brosters Episode 2

Convicted felon Ian, visits the Brosters’ workplace to give some motivational speeches and shank anyone who asks. A good shanking can be a powerful motivational tool and all the coolest people are doing it so of course the Brosters are [more]

January 29, 2013 Brosters, Comedy, Popular, Series, Video

New Vestments: Altar Men Episode 1

Most Catholic altar boys grow out of the role as they grow out of their vestments. But these two loved being altar boys so much they grew into altar men. Now, with the help of their Catholic priest, they do [more]

January 22, 2013 Altar Men, Comedy, Popular, Series, Video