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Sassy Cops

Sassy Cops


March 1, 2013 Comedy, The Feed, Video
How To Live Like Beyonce

How To Live Like Beyonce


March 1, 2013 Comedy, The Feed, Video

SCTV Tex & Edna Boil’s Organ Emporium

Tex and Edna smuggle budgies across the state line. [more]

March 1, 2013 Comedy, SCTV, Series, Video

“How Malort is Made”Second City Shorts Winner 2/13

Each month Second City host a short film festival where contestants are challenged to create a video based on a suggestion from the previous month’s event. This month’s suggestion was: The video had to answer this question “What’s That Smell [more]

February 28, 2013 Popular, Series, Shorts, Video

The Sex Effect: Brosters Episode 4

Axe Body Wash commercials show girls going crazy for guys who wear Axe. But Hatchet Body Wash actually works. Not like the Axe commercials. In real life. Of course the Brosters discover the secret power of Hatchet Body Wash. But [more]

February 26, 2013 Brosters, Series, Video

SCTV Farm Film Celebrity Blow-Up

Big Jim McBob (Flaherty) and Billy Sol Hurok (Candy) host a special edition of Farm Film Report with celebrity guest, Bernadette Peters (Martin)   [more]

February 25, 2013 SCTV, Series, Video

SCTV The Battle of the PBS Stars

Famous PBS stars Mr. Rogers and Julia Child duke it out in a boxing match! [more]

February 21, 2013 Comedy, SCTV, Series, Video

Young Gun: Altar Men Episode 3

Being an Altar Man takes constant practice and training. And it doesn’t help when young upstarts are threatening to take your position. The Altar Men confront a young rival and handle it like real Catholics shouldn’t, but probably would. [more]

February 19, 2013 Altar Men, Series, Video

SCTV DiMaggio’s On The Wharf

Bill Murray guest stars in this sketch about Joe DiMaggio’s Italian Restaurant. [more]

February 18, 2013 Popular, SCTV, Series, Video

SCTV Great White North: Dog Scoops

The McKenzie Brothers discuss what people in New York do when a dog has… done their business. [more]

February 15, 2013 Comedy, SCTV, Series, Video