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The WWE Improv All-Star Team

While many improvisers have the 17th annual Chicago Improv Festival marked on their calendars this week, WWE wrestling fans are hotly anticipating another major event: it’s almost Wrestlemania 30. On Sunday, some of the biggest names from SC and SNL [more]

April 4, 2014 By: Dan DeSalva, Comedy, Words

5 Ways Your Cat Can Make You a Better Improviser

If you were to take a poll amongst improvisers, the most common type of pet owned would be: A cat. Beyond the fact that it’s impossible to find a reasonably-priced apartment that allows dogs, a cat seems to compliment the [more]

February 20, 2014 By: Dan DeSalva, Comedy, Words

Improv Rules: Thanksgiving Edition

As an improviser, Thanksgiving can be difficult. While you’re typically inclined to incorporate all aspects of your improv training into your daily life, the fact of the matter is that the “rules” of improv don’t always translate seamlessly to any [more]

November 25, 2013 By: Dan DeSalva, Comedy, Words

2013′s Worst Halloween Costumes

Ah, Halloween. That time of year when you can eat an entire bag of candy without your roommate asking if everything’s okay. Good thing, too– with the amount of pressure involved in picking a costume, it’s nearly impossible to not [more]

October 16, 2013 By: Dan DeSalva, Comedy, Words