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9 Tax Deductions You Wish You Could Write Off

April 15 marks Tax Day in the United States, the dreaded time of year when adults are asked to turn in their assignments — and show their work. Most hope for a refund, paying H&R Block or TurboTax to help [more]

April 15, 2014 By: Greg Ott, Comedy, Words

Undercover Spreadsheets Sex Data

Mobile technology has led to a breakthrough in the types of data your phone is able to gather. Using an iPhone’s gyroscope, for example, an app like Sleep Cycle can measure your sleeping patterns and wake you up after reaching your proper [more]

March 19, 2014 By: Greg Ott, Comedy, Pictures, Words

SCN’s Incomplete Guide to (Lesser-Known) Politically Influential Films

Last night, the Academy Awards broke Twitter, gave Matthew McConaughey a brand new reason to be his own hero, enraged Squibbites everywhere, demoralized a plebeian Broadway star with a too-hard to pronounce name and basically was just all-around the best [more]

March 3, 2014 By: Greg Ott, Comedy, Words

9 Benefits of Chicago’s New Ventra Card

This fall, the Chicago Transit Authority introduced Ventra, an all-new payment system for the city’s public transportation fleet. Ventra (Latin for “ill-conceived”) ushers in a new era for public transit users by streamlining the payment and boarding processes. For those [more]

November 7, 2013 By: Greg Ott, Comedy, Words

8 Ways the Government Shutdown Affects Your Life

At midnight, the federal government of the United States will be suspended for the first time in 17 years unless a budget resolution is passed. Without reconciliation, a number of essential utilities will become limited or unavailable. For your awareness, [more]

September 30, 2013 By: Greg Ott, Words