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Lies People Tell About Moving to Los Angeles

Dear Los Angeles, I’ve been here 4 short weeks, and feel really lied to. I was prepared for such a different experience than you’ve given me. Not knowing how to properly communicate in my bewildered state, I’ve lumped my confusion [more]

February 5, 2014 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words

7 Things I Learned Being a Woman in Improv

I have been a woman for 29 years (you guys, I’m totally 29, I SWEAR!  But thank you for the compliments on how young I look in this WordPress template).  I have been improvising for 8 of those. Some lessons [more]

October 11, 2013 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words

The 5 Stages of Accepting a New Doctor Who

Stop me if you’ve heard this old classic: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Doctor. Doctor who? Yes. Now, get used to me. HAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOO. What the FUCK is this, BBC?!  Some sort of trick?  A scheme?  Why would you tear us [more]

August 6, 2013 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words

Summer Wedding Dos & Don’ts

At this point in the summer, you’ve probably already attended more than your desired share of weddings: which is 1. Unfortunately, weddings per season usually add up to somewhere between 6-8, and I wind up dropping somewhere between $300-$500 on [more]

July 9, 2013 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words

Hockey 101: For Ladies

Until four weeks ago, I was convinced no one still liked hockey except my ex, “Boston Bill,” and Canada (in this case, Michigan is considered part of Canada). But ladies be gettin’ hockey fever! WHY? The playoffs last longer than the regular [more]

June 11, 2013 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Secret Thoughts Revealed!

Dear Diary to Myselfs, I am having so many of the mixed feelings. I do watching of the game where it is David Beckham’s last to play. I see him leave the field, and the peoples are to cheer.  He [more]

May 22, 2013 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words

Another F*@king Newsflash from the Sorority Psycho

Editor’s Note: Shortly after running this article, we received this response from recently-resigned sorority girl Rebecca Martinson. Not really. But if we had, we imagine this is what she might say to us… Dear Second City Network Asshats, If you [more]

April 29, 2013 By: Nikki Pierce, Words