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5 Ways Your Cat Can Make You a Better Improviser

If you were to take a poll amongst improvisers, the most common type of pet owned would be: A cat. Beyond the fact that it’s impossible to find a reasonably-priced apartment that allows dogs, a cat seems to compliment the [more]

February 20, 2014 By: Dan DeSalva, Comedy, Words

The Second City Network Talks to Brian Gallivan

As Oprah once said that Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, you do better.” In our new ongoing series, The Second City Network looks forward to bringing you mostly-sage wisdom from some of our most outstanding alumni. Learn [more]

February 19, 2014 By: Liz Kozak, Comedy, Interviews, Words

If the Winter Olympics Were in Chicago…

#Sochi? #SoChicago. If we’re talking about the For Real 2014 Winter Olympics, here are the events Chicagoans would be competing in. Event: Cross-City Transit Armed with Ventra cards, athletes are tasked with getting from one point of the city to [more]

February 17, 2014 By: Patrick Rowland, Comedy, Words

Memorize the U.S. Presidents in Order!

Happy Presidents’ Day. And you’re welcome: ***** (Brought to you by The Second City’s Incomplete Guide to Everything, now playing at the UP Comedy Club!)   Jamison Webb is a member of the Second City Touring Company. Follow him on Twitter [more]

February 16, 2014 By: Jamison Webb, Comedy, Pictures, Words

5 Steps to Throwing an Epic Presidents’ Day Party

If you’re like me, then you tire of the forced feelings and cheapness of a corporate creation like Valentine’s Day– and long to celebrate a holiday proper. Luckily, Presidents’ Day is approaching, and with it, all the joy and warmth [more]

February 14, 2014 By: C.J. Tuor, Comedy, Words

An Improviser’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

After going through a pretty life-changing breakup, I thought that I would never find love again… within the improv community. But then I did, and it’s great. While my bank account is dwindling, my comedy is suffering and my waistline [more]

February 12, 2014 By: Julie Marchiano, Comedy, Words

How to Behave Around Your Gay Teammate in the Locker Room

Hey you. Yeah, you. Elite athlete making millions of dollars playing football for the NFL. I know you’re concerned about the upcoming season now that Michael Sam, the star defensive lineman from Mizzou who’s a top NFL prospect, just came [more]

February 12, 2014 By: John Loos, Comedy, Words

What Atlanta Really Needs to Stock Up On

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published Tuesday evening. Now it’s Wednesday, and it’s certainly anything BUT 65 and sunny in Atlanta today. Stay warm & safe, Atlanta. We know how you feel. Love, Your Friends in Chicago (Home of [more]

February 11, 2014 By: Rachel LaForce, Comedy, Words

10 Reasons for Teachers to Use Improv in the Classroom

Improv and theater games are fun for kids from kindergarten through high school.   It gets a class full of students moving, playing and laughing. However, having a good time isn’t always the same thing as good pedagogy. Beyond simply [more]

February 7, 2014 By: Jeff Sevener

Lies People Tell About Moving to Los Angeles

Dear Los Angeles, I’ve been here 4 short weeks, and feel really lied to. I was prepared for such a different experience than you’ve given me. Not knowing how to properly communicate in my bewildered state, I’ve lumped my confusion [more]

February 5, 2014 By: Nikki Pierce, Comedy, Words